On my most recent visit to Chicago, I ran into a friend who started a "yogurt blog" after discovering that an ill-conceived coupon on a certain product, when paired with his employee discount, actually earned him money upon purchase. When he invited me to be a guest blogger/contributor to his borderline O.C.D musings on the product, I couldn't help but say yes. If you're interested in checking out the rest of his blog, friend "Aaron Ackerson" on Facebook (the blog is set to private so as not to upset the higher-ups).

Here's to creativity spawned from boredom:
11:23 AM (CST) After informally accepting the invitation to be a guest blogger on A.Y.B (Aaron’s Yogurt Blog) last night, I couldn’t punk out this morning when I woke up with a head cold and the inability to breathe, let alone taste the yogurt that has been Aaron’s muse for the past month. But, to preserve the integrity of his blog, I decided to suck it up, figuratively and literally.

For starters, I mixed my OIKOS Greek Vanilla with an oatmeal raisin cookie from The Chicago Diner, which they also sell at Aaron’s “anonymous” employer (hint: it rhymes with Whole Foods). The vegan dessert paired well with the tart organic bacteria… much better than the mucus slowly building up in my throat.

Halfway through, I ran out of cookie crumbs* so I sprinkled a little bit of Trader Joe’s Almond Cashew Cranberry granola on the OIKOS to cut the overwhelming flavor of the acerbic white paste. This allowed me to finish the yogurt with ease.

After consuming my yogurt-cookie-granola mess, I washed it down with a tall glass of NyQuil. Much like milk, NyQuil coats your stomach quite nicely… although, it’s a little on the sweet side… speaking of sweet, I think I’m going to go to sleep now.

*because I only used half of the cookie, maybe if I still lived in the Midwest I would have eaten the whole one.


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