well, unintentionally.

Trapped in an Econolodge in Manchester, New Hampshire this past holiday weekend (I was entertaining a bunch of Jews my parents age in the basement of a Chinese restaurant), I tuned in to the FOX & Friends Christmas Eve Special, where I witnessed the most effective visual contraceptive I have ever seen:
I sat through the whole FOX Christmas Special, partly because the DNA library on my sheets made it difficult to sleep but also because I found it truly fascinating... if I had known that FOX's "Friends" consisted of gay dads (Steve Doocy) and children of the corn (all of the FOX reporters' kids look like they were bred in Lebensborn), I would have tuned in years ago.
*for some reason the photo of Gretchen Carlson, with her kids Kaia (named after an American Girl Doll) and Christian (named after Osama Bin Laden), is not uploading... or maybe it has uploaded and we just can't see it because, collectively, they have no soul.