A couple months ago, I got an email from the booker of a comedy club without a website in Halifax, Nova Scotia inviting me to perform at his "club." I was hesitant at first (thinking it may have been another murder ruse) but I accepted the offer on the realization that even if it were a death trap, it'd make a good story to tell the grandkids (metaphorically, as I would have died before getting the chance to procreate).

I came back in one piece (well, part of my heart remains in Halifax with a Lost Boy of Sudan I met there) and actually had a great time! Here are a few things that I learned:

- Canadians, especially Haligonians, are super friendly. In just a few short days, I got to know so many of them (not intentionally, I'd ask for directions and they'd just keep talking).

- My comedy tends to do better in places where the cemeteries are exquisite. My theory is that if you take care of your deceased, provide them with nice tombs and mausoleums, they are more inclined to rise up from the grave and night and tickle comedy club patrons.

- Always be kind to the people seated next to you on a plane, even if they're smelly and snore and are dressed like Columbiney Hot Topic sales reps. They might just be in this band...